Tantric Massage

 Tantric massage is a combination of ritual, breathwork, physical massage, and energetic healing. The intention is to allow the receiver of the massage to connect and attune to their body, channelling their energy in order to overcome blockages, both physical and energetic, and to fully immerse themselves in the enjoyment of loving, conscious touch.

It is intimate in nature, often intense, it is powerful, and blissfully relaxing. The purpose of the session is to bring the recipient into a natural, ecstatic state, while promoting physical and emotional healing. 

I do a type of Tantric massage based on 5 Elements of touch - Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether. Each one has it's own characteristics, sensations and intentions. This is particularly good for people who feel like they have lost touch with their body, are unable to experience certain types of touch due to trauma response or psychosomatic reactions in their body, and would like to begin a journey of healing and/or self discovery. 

Tantric massage is also a unique, and enjoyable bodywork session for those who would just like to have an amazing, pampering experience.

Sessions are tailored to each individual person, and all aspects can be amended or omitted based on the client's boundaries and preferences, which will be discussed during consultation. The purpose of the session is not orgasm, however this can be, and often is, something that can be a goal for the client or happen naturally.

If you are interested, please get in touch for a chat to see if this is something you may benefit from, or how it could help you. 

Individual Session

1 hour - £80
1.5 hours - £100
2 hours - £120
2.5 hours - £140

3 hours - £160