5 Elements Experience

 A journey of discovery for those who feel disconnected from their body, and want to find themselves, this is a bodywork session exploring 5 elements of touch - 

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether

Each element has an individual style, with different feelings, intentions and sensations.

These elements are combined with meditation and breathwork, to allow the recipient to immerse themselves fully into receiving and reclaiming the enjoyment and bliss of loving touch.

Individual Session

1.5 hours - 1700kc
2 hours - 2200kc
2.5 hours - 2700kc
3 hours - 3200kc

Package Offers

3 x 1.5 hours - 4600kc
3 x 2 hours - 6100kc
3 x 2.5 hours - 7600kc
3 x 3 hours - 9100kc