Lessons & Workshops

 Being able to provide people with bodywork, and to help them directly is a privilege and something that I take great joy in being able to do. However, another way that I like to help people is through teaching, and showing them the way to help themselves and their loved ones.

I do this through private lessons, either on a 1 to 1 basis or as a couple, or in small group workshops. Each lesson or workshop is tailored specifically according to the goal of the person/people wanting to learn, or the particular subject of the workshop. 

Please note that any lessons or workshops are to give you skills or knowledge to use in your personal life, and do not enable you to work professionally. I do not provide any certification or accreditation. 

Learn Basic Massage Skills

Let me teach you the foundation skills of body massage. In this, you can learn how to give a great massage, how to touch, communicate and hold your posture. I will also teach you about the body, muscle groups, the importance of breath and more.

Explore Tantric Massage

Real Tantric Massage is one of the most amazing, blissful experiences that a person can have, and I would love to share this with you, where you can learn about sensuality of touch, pleasure, breathwork and working with energy.


Please contact me directly in order to discuss and arrange lessons or workshops.

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